Diabetes Academy is a platform that exposes and discusses all diabetes-related aspects. It was created to bring together people with diabetes around the world to learn and benefit from the knowledge and experience of what athletes and professionals with type 1 diabetes already went through.

We understand the challenges of exercising with type 1 diabetes because almost all staff members and founder of the platform are athletes who have been living with type 1 diabetes for decades combined. We understand how difficult it is to train your diabetes to achieve your desired goals and targets. You can check our team here.


Why do we think having this platform is important to the community?

From our experience, the current system of helping people with diabetes to develop the knowledge and tools that they need to manage activities safely is not sufficient enough. A lot of diabetes educational systems neglect the fact that everyone is different, and that different types of activities will have different effect on your blood sugar levels, such as different types of exercises, stress and daily physical activities. Also everyone has their own different sensitivity to insulin, food and supplements.


What is our aim?

  • To educate people with diabetes about their condition from the basics. This is done by our posts that are updated regularly on the platform blog.

  • To help people learn the skills needed to manage their blood glucose levels before, during and after physical activity, sport and exercise.

  • To educate parents, teachers and coaches so that they understand how to help people with diabetes, in the context of sport and exercise, so that individuals with type 1 diabetes can participate fully without fear of being made to feel different because of their diabetes.

Who is the platform for?

  • People with Diabetes – All types and ages

  • Parents that have kids with diabetes and need guidance and education on how to help their kids manage their life

  • Teachers that have students with diabetes but not sure how to deal with their condition and need to be directed

  • Coaches that do not want to take the risk of training someone with diabetes fearing the condition

  • Pregnant women that are suffering/suffered from gestational diabetes or have any other types of diabetes

  • People with type-2 diabetes that are looking into reversing their condition

  • Anyone that needs tips about nutrition and workouts as we upload workout videos and diet plans ideas consistently

We believe that educating and coaching shouldn't be expensive, it should be affordable to anyone who is in need. Therefore we decided to drop our rates as much as possible.

Our discounted prices are shown in green. Enjoy them while they last.

Platform Access Packages


DA Access

Diabetes Academy Platform Access

Monthly subscription to access our platform/blog contents

Our contents are posted in the form of campaigns, articles, videos and presentations. Our personal trainers will also post FREE diet plans and workout programmes constantly.

The contents are made to educate you about your condition and teach you how to tackle the complications that comes with diabetes.   

You can join our platform for £0/month instead of £11.45/month!

Coaching Packages

Individual online coaching

Full comprehensive online training package

  • Body Transformation

  • Strength & Conditioning 

  • Diabetes Management 

  • Competition Prep


Our plans are not just bespoke to your goal, they take into consideration all the following:


Your Statistics - Primary & Secondary Goal - Location - Medical Condition (If any) - Allergies - Food & Supplement Preferences - Physical Activities - Your Experience - Workout Preferability - Daily Activity Level - Any restrictions due to Current/Past Injuries or Operations

You will be assigned a coach and will be in contact with them via email or their social media accounts where possible constantly. You will get a workout programme and a diet plan that will be reviewed on the 15th of each month and modified if needed depending on the progress.

Please note: We tend to send over the plans within a few days of receiving your filled form, however this process can take up to 14 days, we appreciate your patience.

You can join our online training for £150/month instead of £400/month!

diabetes management programme

Guaranteed to improve you blood sugar control

Working closely with a coach to improve your HbA1c & TITR 


This includes:

Constant blood sugar monitoring by your qualified coach/physician

Insulin monitoring and modification

Tactics to allow you to exercise without going hypoglycemic

Educating you regarding the factors that affect YOUR diabetes

Tackling all the factors that affect your diabetes

Assisting you with choosing and using the right gadgets

Assisting you with choosing and using the right insulin type

Sharing educational content consistently 

*If after 12 weeks you did not achieve better control on your blood sugar level, we will refund you all your money.

You can join our group online training for £90/month or £250 for 12 weeks instead of £500!!

Diet plan

Bespoke diet plan 

This plan includes a fully customized detailed diet plan, with a supplement plan embedded within. Just like with our online training, we take in consideration your stats, goals, body-type, history, current condition, foods you like/dislike, allergies, any health related issues and how your daily schedule is like.

We also add alternative foods in the plan so you do not get bored of consuming the same food everyday. 

This plan will be tailored to your target whether it being getting in shape or having better diabetes management.

Plan is to be followed for 12 weeks

Purchase a diet programme for£100 instead of £200!

12 weeks programme

12 weeks fully comprehensive programme

This plan is made for people that are willing to commit to a diet and a workout plan for at least 12 weeks.

It is a one off diet plan and workout plan that won't need updating for the next 12 weeks. It will take into consideration everything as per all our plans but will also be tailored that it can be followed for 12 weeks. 


It includes ONE follow up with one of our coaches after the first 6 weeks to ensure the progress is going well. After 12 weeks, it is highly advised to get in contact with our trainers to check your progress and advise if a modification is required or not. 


If you want a trainer/nutritionist to monitor your progress consistently and your routine accordingly, then please consider joining our online individual coaching.


Purchase a 12 weeks programme for £198 instead of £400!

Generic diet & workout programme

Get a generic diet plan and a workout routine.

This package will work for someone that has some background in training and nutrition, as this plan is not customized for an individual, you might need to tweak it to make it work for you. Nevertheless, it is a comprehensive programme that includes the number of sets, reps, rest duration, weights, body parts targeted and names of exercises, as well as all the food macronutrients and supplements you need.

If you would like a plan bespoke to your goal and condition, then please consider enrolling to our individual coaching for a full comprehensive bespoke package or purchase a diet plan.

You can book your appointment for £100 £60 only!


Professional virtual consultation

Get all your questions and queries answered by booking a phone/video call with one of our professionals of your choice.


You can book a slot today for the next working day. Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with a few questions to decide the suitable person for your queries and to inform you about the next available slot for him/her.

Calls are made either through Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger

You can book your appointment for £170 £50 only!


Living with diabetes


Understand Diabetes

An informative eBook that introduces the parts of the body and processes involved in the development of diabetes

Contents will include:

  • Defining Diabetes

  • Body parts and hormone involved in diabetes

  • How to diagnose diabetes

  • Classification of diabetes

  • Genes and risks

Purchase that item for £20 £9.99 only!

Fat Shredder


Shred Fat and Gain Muscle

Who said people with diabetes can't make muscle gains while dropping their fat sustainably?

This diabetic centred eBook will help you reach that by providing you with scientifically proven training methods, diet plans and supplement guide.

Coming Soon

Diabetes Guide for Kids


Manage your kids

Diabetes can be tricky for parents to understand how to manage their kids condition

We created this guide to educate you and help you understand how to control your caretakers' condition whether you are a parent, a teacher at school or trainer

Coming Soon

Insulin Resistance Reduction Hack


Increase Insulin Sensitivity 

Ever heard of how plant based whole foods reduces increases insulin sensitivity?

Are you struggling from insulin resistance as a type 1 & type 2? Struggling dropping your HbA1c?

Ever heard about reversing type 2 by adjusting your diet?

In this guide we will explain to you why insulin resistance happen in your body and how it affects all types of diabetes [1, 1.5, 2, 3, Gestational], and give you diet plans examples that you can follow.

Coming Soon


Purchasing any of the items above will grant you 50% off all Keshred (www.keshred.com) training packages. Just send us an email with a proof of you purchase to get the discount code