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    Free Plan
    • All website contents are currently for free to access
    • Make the most out of it!
    • No card details required
    • Just register an account and subscribe
  • Individual Coaching

    Professional Online Training
    • Be trained by one of our professionals
    • Bespoke workout and diet plans
    • 24/7 WhatsApp support
    • Modified every 2 weeks
    • Diabetes management package inc.
    • Competition prep
  • Diabetes Management

    Every month
    Comprehensive Diabetes Management Programme
    • Constant blood sugar monitoring
    • Insulin monitoring and modification
    • Teaching you to exercise without going hypo/hyperglycemic
    • Tackling all the factors that affect your diabetes
    • Re-adjusting insulin to carb ratio
    • Re-adjusting background insulin
  • Diet Plan

    Valid for one month
    • A comprehensive diet plan by our professional nutritionists
    • Tailored to your condition, experience, history & target
  • 12 Weeks Programme

    12 Weeks Comprehensive Programme
    Valid for 3 months
    • Get a diet & a workout plan tailored for the next 12 weeks
    • Supplement plan embedded within
    • For more info check "The Platform" tab
  • Generic Plans

    Perfect for intermediate/advanced individuals
    Valid for one month
    • Generic diet & workout plan
    • Includes the number of sets, reps, weight, rest periods
    • As well as the muscles targeted and names of exercises
    • Includes the macronutrients and supplements required
  • Private Consultation

    Get all your questions and queries answered
    • Book a phone/video call with one of our professionals
    • 1 hour slot and can be booked instantly
  • Living with diabetes

    • Understand diabetes with the informative eBook
    • Explaining the processes involved in diabetes
  • Diabetes Management

    Comprehensive Diabetes Management Programme - 12 weeks
    Valid for 3 months
    • Constant blood sugar monitoring
    • Insulin monitoring and modification
    • Tactics to allow you to exercise without going hypoglycemic
    • Tackling all the factors that affect your diabetes